When you work with somebody for a long period of time, you develop a shorthand with everything.
— Beck

Acronymophilia:  "the love of acronyms"

There are many acronyms used within the Emergency Management system.

For those working in emergency response and management, it is an efficient way to identify the various people, positions, groups, venues, strategies, etc, when time is of the essence. For those who do not work in this area, it may be confusing. Below is a compilation of acronyms and abbreviated terms used within emergency services .


BCEMS - BC Emergency Management System

BCH - BC Housing

CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear

CCG - Central Coordination Group

CRCS - Canadian Red Cross Society

CRIB - Central Registry and Inquiry Bureau

DFA - Disaster Financial Assistance

DPS - Disaster Psychosocial Services

DND - Department of National Defense

ECC - Emergency Coordination Centre

EHS - Emergency Health Services

EMBC - Emergency Management British Columbia

EOC - Emergency Operations Centre

EPC - Emergency Program Coordinator

ESS - Emergency Social Services

ESSD - Emergency Social Services Director

FR - Family Reunification

FR - First Responder

GL - Group Lodging

HAZMAT - Hazardous materials

HUSAR - Heavy Urban Search and Rescue

HC - Health Canada

IA -  Initial Attack crew, (wildfire management, usually 3 or 4 people in a crew)

IC - Incident Command

ICS - Incident Command System

IEPC - Inter-Agency Emergency Preparedness Council

JEPP - Joint Emergency Preparedness Program

JIBC - Justice Institute of British Columbia

MCFD - Ministry for Children and Family Development

MDS - Mennonite Disaster Service

MSAT - Mobile Satellite Telephone

MST - Mobile Support Team

NESS - National Emergency Stockpile System

NGO - Non-Government Organization

OC - Operations Centre

PECC - Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre

PIO - Public Information Officer

PHAC - Public Health Agency of Canada

PREOC - Provincial Regional Emergency Operation Centre

PSEPC - Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

RC - Reception Centre

RCM - Reception Centre Manager

RDCK - Regional District Central Kootenay

R & I - Registration and Inquiry

RM -  Recovery Manager

RUS - Referral Unit Supervisor

R&R - Registration and Referrals

SAR - Search and Rescue

SJA - St. John Ambulance

TSA - The Salvation Army

UC - Unit Crew (wildfire management, usually 20 people in a crew)