After the power returns...(and before it leaves again)...

Remember that there will always be more power outages in this winter, particularly.

Once the power returns, don't forget to:

-Make  sure you have not left appliances turned on that should be shut off, unplugged, or both.

- Replenish your stocks of  candles and matches. You can get candles locally, and some are locally made...

-Put new batteries in your flashlight/s and radio, (unless you have a hand crank radio and flashlight)

-Check food in your freezer if the power has been out more than a few hours, and discard any

that is suspect. For reference:

- If you used anything out of your 72 hour emergency kit, replenish it, including fresh water, rotate in canned food with better expiry dates, etc. To look at a power outage kit...:

-Refill generator, and gas jugs