What is this site about?..

This website is meant to be one spot for all in Kaslo and Area D who want to understand what happens locally when an emergency event happens, who responds, how you can respond, etc.

It will offer opportunities for volunteering, links to  local/regional/provincial and federal groups who respond in an emergency event, training and education info, how the whole thing works  provincially and regionally and locally ...and much more. Information will be shared on this site and on this blog that is for local residents as well as visitors to the area.

No one wants to believe that an emergency or disastrous event will happen "here", to "us". Sadly, we all know that it can and events have happened in multiple ways in the distant as well as the recent past in Kaslo and Area D.

Some naturally occurring events do give some indication of the impending situation (i.e. flooding) and others happen without any warning at all.  Becoming aware and prepared can hopefully help to mitigate the event if and when it occurs for yourself or your friends and neighbours.

With support from the RDCK.