Keeping your four legged family members safe when evacuating...

Sometimes in the rush to evacuate due to an emergency, pets will run away or try and hide; just when time is short and you need to leave. If your pet wears a collar, make sure it has an identity tag or license on it; or get ear tattoos ..Having photos of them all with you to share is also helpful if they are searched for after you have evacuated.  Having transport cages at the ready is important.

Just as  you are about to be evacuated is not the time to wonder how to transport your four legged family member/s. Plan ahead on behalf of your pets, so that in the moment when you are  trying to remember all the essentials (that you have time to put in the car)  you won't need to suddenly have to have any of the following run through your head:...."uhhhhh, this cat doesnt really like riding in cars...and where is it anyway?... and I hope we don't get torn to shreds by a frantic pussy cat and ...hmmmm wish we had bought that pet carrier when we had the chance.."

There are a variety of places in this area that have pet carriers of various shapes and sizes. Farmers Supply in Nelson (nelfarm at  has quite a selection of plastic and metal carriers, ranging in price from 32$ to 165$. Walmart (Nelson - 250 352 3782),  Canadian Tire (Castlegar- 250 365-7737), Total Pet (Castlegar) (250 365-2120) and Kaslo Home Hardware (250 353 2432) are all suppliers of various cages and crates.

Kootenay Animal Assistance Program has some cages as loan in an emergency. To ask about this contact KAAP