Kaslo SAR; drones; social media locally, etc.

This past August Riderless Technologies got together with Kaslo Search and Rescue to test their
newest equipment. Please go to :     drones   to see how it went...

and...speaking of our great local SAR group...these folks rock! they have just launched a new facebook page, for those who follow fb: Kaslo Search and Rescue. Check it out.


So now we have more of a "face" on social media for more of our emergency responders locally:

www.kaslofire.ca is the website for our fire department, currently robust at 20 to 30 members, including an enthusiastic youth contingent - yay!.. www.kasloareadep.com (this website -to gather info, the public and response groups together locally) ... and three, count em- three facebook pages that you can check out: Kaslo SAR, Kaslo Volunteer Fire Department and Kaslo and Area D Emergpency Preparedness (the fb page is linked to this website). 

  Beyond that the options of social media sites aimed at emergency responders in the area continues on: the Regional District Central Kootenay, Emergency Management BC, group pages for specific areas of response (Members of ESS BC), the BC Ambulance, the RCMP....etc. Social media can be a blessing and a curse. It offers a much greater expanse of knowledge sharing, and can be very helpful in disasters and emergency events if used the right way to help direct people to reception centres, group lodging, more information about a local event, etc.  That is.... if the power is still on and you can access it.....  Which is why a generator is a good thing to own around here. But that topic will be discussed another week... (!).