Weather wordage...2

Ahhh the Beaufort Scale. Unless you are deeply involved with the weather,  you may not know what this refers to (I didnt...). The Beaufort Scale indicates varying degrees of the strength of the wind; mostly reflective of marine weather, but it also reflects wind moving over land..  Example: at the low end of the scale (o or less than 1 km per hr, or less than 1 knot) the smoke from your chimney heads straight 3 on the scale (Gentle Breeze or 12-19 km per hr, or 7-10 know) ... the leaves and small twigs on bushes in Vimy park would be rustling; or the small Village of Kaslo flag (found in the Village chambers currently) would be extended. (If it were outside of course......)

The scale goes up from there to include 10- (Storm or 89-102 km per hr or 48-55 knots) Example....uprooted trees as are often found along the roads, (which may also from time to time... impede power lines from working due to the routes the trees take to the ground once uprooted). 12 (Hurricane or 118 km per hr+ or 64knots) is the top end of the scale and as it says simply in the scale, "devastation".