Let's talk about the weather....


Any self respecting Canadian should and often will (at least once a day if not more...), have a discussion about the weather (with almost anyone..)   Around this area, the weather topic can usually lead into the road conditions (in winter), the air quality (when we have wildfires), the noisy helicopters (see previous comment), and a myriad of other obliquely related things. In this country, we can make the weather conversation as rich and varied as the day is long.

Below are various links to local, regional, provincial, national and international websites and links regarding extreme weather, historic weather data, the new "Ministry of Environment AND Climate Change" website, etc.  These links are also posted (permanently) on the Links and Resources page on this website. Happy reading!

Environment and Climate Change Canada:


The Weather Network:


Local weather:


World Weather Station Locator:


The World Meteorological Organization


Weather Whiz Kids:


for those on facebook: Brandon Houck: This is a facebook page run by an Albertan radio host who is also fascinated by local weather. It includes weather comments and postings from across north america-mostly Alberta, but does have some SE BC weather also.


Need more? here is a link to a website dedicated to the TV show "Storm Chasers" - those who put themselves in the path of extreme weather....just for the thrill of it (?!):