Seeding help you prepare...

At this time of year those who dig in the earth start getting itchy fingers...tap tap tap, impatiently waiting for the soil to thaw enough to start digging. Though we have , compared so some other places, an amazing variety of local farmers and groups and opportunities to obtain food locally, this article talks about individual considerations of how to save and preserve seeds for future use. Though it has a bit of a survivalist tone to it (it is, after all called "Survivalist Life"...)... it has some good info on saving seeds. Why not grow and save your own?... Growing your own food could mean anything fromhaving 3 containers on your deck, if you don't have land.....or multiple acres.... if you do this kind of thing for a living. 

(Have land but dont use it? Why not consider leasing it to a young farmer looking to start their own business?... )

Being prepared for emergencies by stocking up on your own food can be done here with or without your own direct "hands in the ground" input.


Want help and ideas???  If you follow facebook, one of the best pages Ive seen in this area is Farm the Kootenays (you will need to go to facebook and look them up to join...)  . This page has literally thousands of subscribers, (2 years ago they had just topped 1200 when I first discovered (since late 2014) they are heading for 5.5 thousand members),  many of whom willingly share ideas, knowledge and intel when asked.....a great resource. Not to mention humour in good doses!

What a great group. Seems like a good way to gain knowledge on ANYTHING having to do with farming locally in the Kootenays, and further a-field..(.no pun intended!.)

A local builder of greenhouses :  

Argenta Greenhouse Company   ( 250 366 4223)


....they told us the other day that AGC is starting to get lots of orders again, now that growing season is near; always a good sign of more folks wanting to produce their own food locally; and adding capacity to your ability to keep your rootcellar (remember those?) stocked if you can't get to the store for a while due to power outages, road closures, etc..


Enjoy your seed catalogues.....or trips to Kaslo Building Supply, Farmers Supply, Ellisons, etttccc all of which already have their walls of seed packets on display. One local online and in- the-store source of seeds is StellarSeeds  though are more and more each year to choose from.