Two Events in one day...Twice as much fun...!

On Saturday March 12th, there are two events planned: one at the Seniors Centre, and one at the Kaslo Legion. They compliment each other. The amazing ladies who work together as the Kaslo Quilters, create beautiful quilts which they give away to those who have experienced an emergency, a traumatic experience or a life altering event.  In the past, they have donated beautiful quilts to those (for instance) who have been burned out of their homes.

At the same time on March 12, the OHELP! event will be taking place at the Kaslo Legion.

This will include displays, presentations, games, prizes and food in an event to offer information for the general public regarding how our local emergency responders work, how they work together in an emergency, and how you can become more prepared in your own life.  Spend part of your day at each of these events and "support the supporters".....both events are sure to provide good value, and opportunity to learn more about various topics.