Radio Talk.......

Just this weekend, we thought we would have a sudden need to use our two way radios to help locate someone in the community. Happily, the event ended well, without even turning them on. But it left us with several good reminders of how useful these things are (in rural areas like this, in particular).   As long as you understand what and how to use them; and don't abuse their use, they can be extremely useful and at times critical in helping others.




Consider getting a set - and don't forget extra batteries!- to have on hand. Beyond sudden need to locate a missing person or animal...(for instance), they can also be very useful just on your property if it is large or heavily wooded and you have various tasks that take you from one end to the other . Finding property pins is a good example. You can be just feet away from someone looking for a pin, but not see them due to the geography of the land, heavy underbrush, etc. Having a radio to talk with them on and locate where they are, could solve that.

    Two way radios    is a link to reviews of radios for 2016. Consider getting a set. They might come in useful.