Emergency preparedness is a team sport
— Erik Whitaker

There are many groups and individuals in the area, both employed and volunteers who can respond when an emergency incident occurs....




There are usually multiple times during the winter when the roads close due to avalanches, or other events around here. At times this means people get stuck on one side or the other (usually involving the Lardeau bluffs at the head of the lake, or Coffee Creek in the southern end of Area D).

Below is a list of local people who are willing to have guest/s if you live in the area and can't get home at some point due to road closures.

They are listed by First Name, Last initial and phone number and which community they are in, so you know which prefix to use: either 353 or 366.... This information is from a posting on facebook, December 2014 and can be added to/adjusted as time goes by....

if you would like to have your name added to this list, please be in touch: kasloandaread@gmail.comor essdkad@gmail.com


Tracy R (Meadow Creek)- 0068

Ryan D (Meadow Creek) - 4342

Bonnie P-W (Lardeau) -4432


Linda and Gord (Kaslo) - 2452

Terry L (Kaslo) - 777 1052.

Dustin McC (Kaslo)  - 3413

Barb F (Kaslo) -7160

Jackie M (Kaslo) - 7573

Dave C & Erika B (Kaslo) -7492

Carole S (Kaslo)- 7531

Connie C (Kaslo) - 2503

Phyllis W (Kaslo) - 2171

Renata K (kaslo) - 1246

Lynn M (Kaslo) and Linda AKZ (Kaslo)



Some of the groups which have responded to past events in this area:

Some more about who responds to events in this area:


Emergency Management BC has 6 regions across the province. The South East region has its office located in Nelson. There is a regional manager in the Nelson office who would be available to assist with coordination of any event in the area which may not have the resources available locally to deal with it.

For reporting flooding, landslides, hazardous material spills, etc in this area,  call: 1-800-663-3456 .


Andrew Bellerby is the Regional Fire Chief/General Manager of Fire and Emergency Management and is based in Nelson at the RDCK offices.   He oversees the Emergency Management services for the RDCK, is reponsible for three Emergency Program Coordinators, and acts as Emergency Operations Centre director when an EOC is opened for an emergency incident in this region.


Most municipalities or regions have an Emergency Program Coordinator.

For many years, first responders were the same people who fulfilled behind-the-scenes roles as emergency managers. They juggled both the responsibilities of emergency management and their main job duties. They didn’t necessarily have specific training in the field, and because emergency management duties were “off the side of the desk,” they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

Today, emergency management and disaster response departments are discovering the advantages of appointing positions to strictly oversee the emergency management function – someone whose attention isn’t divided between emergency management and response duties.

The Emergency Program Coordinator (EPC) for Kaslo and Area D, (and Nelson and Areas E and F) is Chris Johnson. He works for the Regional District Central Kootenay and is based in Nelson. Along with Chris there are two other Emergency Program coordinators in the RDCK area, Terry Warren (Areas H & K)  and Alanna Garrett (Areas A,B,C and G). Any of the three EPC'scan and do respond anywhere in the Regional District area if called upon.

Chris takes on the role of EOC Director of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) should it be activated.


The beauty of the Incident Command System (ICS) is that it can expand, contract,  or be taylored to an event, depending on how many people are available to participate. The first person to arrive at an incident may wear many hats, until more help is called for and arrives. After the initial incident is under control, the organizational chart which outlines the command system may once again shrink, as people who are no longer needed go home. Or it may expand if the unexpected happens and the incident grows larger rather than smaller .


One of the groups which is key to any incident where there are a number of evacuees, are Emergency Social Services.

The Emergency Social Services Director (ESSD) is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and management of an ESS program to enable the local community to respond quickly and effectively in providing essential services to evacuees and responders affected by an emergency or disaster.

In Kaslo and Area D, Maggie Winters and Maggie Crowe as Reception Centre managers, also share the role of  ESS Director  currently, along with a dedicated team of volunteers from both Kaslo and Area D. When there is a need to evacuate people, there are identified reception centres in both Kaslo and in Area D where the volunteers work out of, (depending on the circumstances of the event) providing support such as food, clothing or accommodations (if required) for the first 72 hours of an emergency event.


The Fire Chief for Kaslo is Doug Yee. Doug moved to the area in 2008 and joined the KVFD in 2011. The Kaslo Volunteer Fire Department  has been in existence since 1896 and responds to fires that are up to 10 km north of Shutty Bench; 8 km west to Southfork ; 13 km south to the Lease Lots and, fire response south to the Coffee Creek bluffs. KVFD has many dedicated volunteer fire fighters along with medical First Responders who respond to medical emergencies in Kaslo and Area D.

Larry Badry has worked for 33+ years as a fire fighter. Previously the Kaslo Fire Chief for many years, he is now the Assistant Fire Chief, as well as being the Unit Chief for the BC Ambulance crew since2003. He is also an instructor and trainer for the medical First Responders program in this area.

MedicalFirst Responders outside the Kaslo area are called by dispatch to respond prior to the ambulance arriving in order to have medical help reach a patient as fast as possible. In Kaslo, they are dispatched when the ambulance is already on another call, and cannot get to the patient quicklyor when the ambulance attendants need some kind of assist, whether it be CPR, lifting, helping with multiple injured people, etc. There are currentlymedical first responders in Kaslo and Area D, with 4 of them living and serving the Lardeau Valley area, and the rest in Kaslo and further south in Area D.


The Wildfire Management Branch is divided into 6 fire centres provincially. Kaslo and Area D are in the South East Fire Centre which is divided into 6 zones. The Kootenay Lake Zone oversees our area. The South East Fire Centre base is in Castlegar at the Castlegar airport.

There Fire Warden in Area D and Kaslo. Rik Valentine, has been the Warden for this area for the past 11years and is based at the north end of Kootenay lake where he has lived for many years.  His patrol area runs north up the Duncan drainage and up the Lardeau River to Trout Lake. It also runs south to Johnsons Landing and to Kaslo and on to Retallack.


How to Report a Wildfire

If you see a wildfire, please report it to us at 1-800-663-5555 or if you live within range of a cellular network you can call *5555 toll free on most of them.

Alternately, you can report a wildfire to 9-1-1.

What You'll Be Asked

When reporting a wildfire, a B.C. Forest Service operator will ask you:

  • your phone number
  • the location of the fire
  • what the fire is burning (trees? What species?)
  • the size of the fire
  • how quickly the fire is spreading
  • the colour of the smoke
  • whether there are values or lives at risk


There are many groups, businesses and individuals who help out when an emergency event or disaster occurs particularly it seems,  in small towns and rural and remote communities.

Some of the local organizations in our area include those who run facilities that are utilized as reception centres, warming centres, group lodging or incident command posts, or who provide other direct services:

There are always more. If your organization has taken part in supporting an emergency event in the past in Area D or Kaslo, please contact us to be added to this list. We want to acknowledge your help and support.

North Kootenay Lake Community Services

Kaslo Seniors Association

JV Humphries Elementary-Secondary School

Jewett Elementary School

Kaslo & District Arena

Lardeau Valley Community Club

Village of Kaslo